Personal Monitoring Badges
Advantages   Disadvantages
  • Easy to Use

Minimal training and expertise are required to perform air sampling with Badges.

  • Not Able to Sample             Aerosols & Particulates

Most particles do not follow diffusion laws as vapors do.

  • Non-Intrusive to Worker

Badges minimize interference with worker tasks, promoting worker efficiency.  They are small, light, and have no tubes or motors.

  • Reporting Limits

Reporting Limits achieved with badges are higher than can be reached with active sampling methods.  For some applications, this is significant.

  • Equipment Not Required

There are no pumps to purchase, calibrate, recharge or fail in the middle of sampling.

  • Media Cost

If you have already invested in Pumps and Sampling Technicians, then Badges cost more than Sampling Tubes or Cassettes.

  • Facilitates Full-Shift (or longer) Sampling

Lower sampling rates prevent sample capacity exceedance.  Badges are tolerated for longer periods.

  • Availability

A personal Sampling Badge may not be available for the Analyte you wish to sample.

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