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Isopropyl Ether


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546 High Capacity Samplers

The 546 is a high capacity badge.  It samples at a slow rate reducing the possibility that the collection media becomes saturated.  Best if used when monitoring all day for chemicals with high PELs (greater than 200 ppm).

Assay Technology also manufactures two other Organic Vapor Monitors, 566 and 521.  For assistance in choosing which is best for your situation, use our Guide.

Associated Analytical Methods:   OSHA 7, NIOSH 1500, NIOSH 1550, NIOSH 1604

Recommended Use:

  • 8 Hour TWA for Chemicals with a PEL 200 ppm or greater.

For STEL Monitoring, always use a 566 or 521 badge.

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X546-1 Buy Now - 5 Monitors per box.  Includes the analysis of One chemical per monitor.


X546-4 Buy Now -  Monitors per box.  Includes the analysis of Four (4) chemicals or One (1) Complex Mixture (Mineral Spirits or Naphtha VM&P) per monitor.


Buy Now W546-1, W546-4

1 Monitor each


N546-Buy Now  - 10 Monitors per box.  For IH laboratories or customers that have their own preferred lab.


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Multiple Chemicals on One Badge

AT Labs goes to great lengths to allow customers to request many chemicals on the same sampling media.  However, not all chemicals collected on a 546 badge can be analyzed together.  Click Here for List.