Assay Technology - 543 Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid



The 543 Monitor can now be used for STEL Monitoring.

543 vs. 566

The 543 sampler contains coconut charcoal, 200 mg, in a proprietary binder.   

The media inside the 543 is not the same media that is inside the 566.  The 566 can not be used for acetic acid monitoring.

The sampler can be analyzed following NIOSH 1603, but OSHA 186SG (Ion Chromatography) is a much more sensitive method and allows the badge to be used for STEL monitoring.

Associated Analytical Methods:  OSHA 186SG

Recommended Sampling Time:

  • Sample during time in use.

  • Functional Range: 15 minutes - 8 hours.

This Item is on Backorder.  A new badge will be validated shortly.  Until this validation is complete, use a Charcoal Tube, J6-001, to perform monitoring. 


Please contact customer service with your interest in the acetic acid badge, so we can notify you when the new badge is available.


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